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Types of Membership available:

Institutional  – 2-year and 4-year Colleges and Universities, Community Colleges and Technical Schools.     Institutions first join APPA, with the Membership Dues being calculated based on the institution’s full time equivalent enrollments (FTE) and gross institutional expenditures (GIE).  Institutions can then join SRAPPA through the APPA application process and will be charged 15% of their APPA dues.  Membership allows an unlimited number of staff (Associate Members) to receive member benefits at no additional cost.  K-12, School Districts, Libraries and Museums can also join as Institutional Members as long as they have a facilities department.

Affiliate – Non-facilities department at Colleges and University, Libraries, Museums, Hospitals, Churches, Military Bases, Governments Agencies and other non-profit organizations. Membership dues are a flat rate, based on the number of representatives and associates.

Business Partner – Open to all corporations who provide products and services to the facilities management marketplace or who have an interest in reaching facilities managers in the educational environment.   Membership is a flat rate, based on the number of representatives and associates.  Business Partnership is free when you join APPA.  SRAPPA Business Partner Membership is available for $200.00.

APPA Membership Brochure


2017-2018 Dues Structure